Credo Catholic Choir

Credo Catholic Choir was founded in 2016 to bring the best sacred music to the sacred liturgy. Inspired by the late Paul Salamunovich, Credo seeks to return Catholic sacred music to its pride of place, the Mass. Credo is continuously adding to its repertoire of chant, polyphony and motets appropriate for liturgies and extra-liturgical services. The current repertoire includes works by Hassler, Victoria, Pärt, Mozart, Nystedt, Byrd, Liszt, Durufle , Pitoni, Tartini, Elgar, Liszt — music from all the ages.

The retired Pope Benedict, in 2015, spoke briefly of music and the liturgy: “…great sacred music is a reality of theological rank and of permanent significance for the faith of all of Christendom, even if it is not at all necessary that it should be performed always and everywhere. However, it is also clear that it cannot disappear from the liturgy and that its presence can be an entirely special way to participate in the sacred celebration, in the mystery of faith.”


Listen to Ave Maria Radio interview with director Charlotte Lansberg and host Kathie Duggan.


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